Sean McDowell | December 30, 2020

My Top Blogs for 2020

Top 10 Blogs for 2020

This is the fifth year I have been blogging regularly at It is always interesting to see which blogs get the most hits in a particular year.

These are not the top 10 written in 2020, but the top viewed in 2020 (although the top 3 were all written this year):

10. How Can You Make a Career in Apologetics?

9. Top 10 Verses to Defend Your Faith

8. 10 Self-Refuting Statements You Must Know

7. What is the Most Recent Manuscript for the New Testament?

6. What are the Top Books to Give a Non-Christian?

5. What are the Best Apologetics Resources for Students?

4. Was Peter Crucified Upside-down?

3. Why Does God Allow the Coronavirus? 4 Christian Insights

2. Every Black Life Matters (But I Won’t Support BLM)

1. Christian Rockstar Loses His Faith: 3 Big Lessons for the Church

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Chasing Love (Book)

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