Immigration and the Bible (with Markus Zehnder)

Few subjects are more controversial today than immigration and the Christian debate reflects the discussion in the culture at large. There is still significant debate over what the Bible teaches on this subject and how the Bible's teaching should be applied. Markus Zehnder's new book, The Bible and Immigration, is a first rate resource not only on what the Bible says but how to properly use the Bible on subjects like this one. Join Scott and Sean for this interview with Dr. Zehnder, who brings his perspective from his European background to this issue.

Markus Zehnder grew up in Switzerland and is an ordained minister of the Reformed Church of Switzerland. After the completion of his doctorate, he moved to Jerusalem and then to Boston for postdoctoral studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and at Harvard University. He has held teaching positions in Switzerland, Germany, Norway, and Belgium. He has a passion to connect the Bible both with personal and societal issues. Questions relating to migration are at the top of the list of his research interests.

Show notes, including a full transcript, are available at: biola.edu/thinkbiblically


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