Sean McDowell | December 27, 2018

Top 10 Blogs for 2018

Top 10 Blogs for 2018 at

This year is the third full year I have been blogging regularly at It has been interesting to see what blogs receive the most views and create the most discussion.

For 2018, the most popular blog was actually from 2015: “Was Peter Crucified Upside Down?” and the second most viewed was “What are the Top Books to Give a Non-Christian” (2016).

Here is the list of the most viewed blogs from 2018. I’m pleased to see two posts on the worldview of the Avengers Infinity War in the top 10!

1. The Moral Question Behind Infinity War.

2. What Makes the Bible So Special?

3. What Is the Most Recent Manuscript Count for the New Testament?

4. How Should Christians Think about Social Justice?

5. The Greatest Showman Challenges Modern Tolerance…But Doesn’t Go Far Enough.

6. Kavanaugh Hearings and the Assault on Truth.

7. The Gospel and the Avengers Infinity War.

8. Is Sexual Orientation Immutable? The Science May Surprise You.

9. The Opening Speech from My Conversation with Matthew Vines.

10. 7 Interesting Facts that Make the Bible Unique.

Here's to a good 2019!

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