Abdu Murray, Sean McDowell and Scott Rae | September 24, 2020

Seeing Jesus from the East (with Abdu Murray)

Without even realizing it, many Westerners fail to understand the Bible, and the larger Christian story, from an Eastern perspective. Yet doing so unlocks the Scripture in a fresh and insightful way. In this episode, Sean and Scott interview Abdu Murray about his recent book, which he wrote with Ravi Zacharias. This interview will help you look at the stories and teachings of Jesus with fresh eyes.

If you want to see an additional interview, which goes into even more depth, check out this YouTube discussion between Sean and Abdu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMD82DiHUcY

Show notes, including a full transcript, are available at: biola.edu/thinkbiblically

Sean McDowell, Ph.D. is a professor of Christian Apologetics at Biola University, best-selling author, popular speaker, part-time high school teacher, and the Resident Scholar for Summit Ministries, California. Follow him on Twitter: @sean_mcdowell