Justin Brierley, Sean McDowell, and Scott Rae | March 19, 2020

Is Christianity Unbelievable? (with Justin Brierley)

For over a decade, Justin Brierley has been hosting the popular radio show Unbelievable?, which is a program that features discussions between Christians and non-Christians. In this interview, Justin shares some of the insights he has learned about how to communicate gospel truth effectively in our increasingly secular world. And he shares some of the reasons he is still a Christian after all these years of conversation with atheists, skeptics, and other non-believers.

Show notes, including a full transcript, are available at: biola.edu/thinkbiblically

Sean McDowell, Ph.D. is a professor of Christian Apologetics at Biola University, best-selling author, popular speaker, part-time high school teacher, and the Resident Scholar for Summit Ministries, California. Follow him on Twitter: @sean_mcdowell