End The Stalemate

Sean McDowell, Tim Muehlhoff

We live in an argument culture where 1/3 of people have stopped talking to a family member or friend due to a disagreement and 2/3 have stayed quiet about their beliefs for fear of offending others. In his new book, Sean McDowell (along with Dr. Tim Muehlhoff) discuss how to have meaningful conversations across worldview divides. Specifically, they discuss:

  • How to create connection and emotional awareness that opens the door for a fair exchange of ideas and effective communication;
  • How to engage in perspective-taking, as illustrated in Scripture in a number of stories;
  • How to speak the truth in love, from a biblical understanding;
  • How to structure a conversation with those who hold diverse, and/or seemingly threatening, views; and
  • How to honor the words and perspective of those with whom we disagree.