Sean McDowell | December 26, 2020

My Top YouTube Videos for 2020

For years, I have been wanting to focus on producing content on YouTube. When COVID-19 hit, and my public speaking ministry got shut down, I buckled down and started making it happen. With the partnership of Biola Apologetics, my channel has grown from 8,000 followers in March to nearly 22,000 today. And we’ve got big stuff planned for 2021!

The focus of the channel is on apologetics, worldview, and engaging the next generation. I was fortunate to have some amazing guests, which you will see below. Here’s the top ten in ascending order for 2020:

#10: “The Return of the God Hypothesis: Interview with Stephen Meyer.” Dr. Meyer discusses the emerging scientific evidence that points powerfully towards a cosmic Designer.

#9: “The Death of the Apostles: Sean Responds to a Skeptic.” I offer a point-by-point response to a popular YouTuber who challenged my conclusions about the deaths of the apostles.

#8: “Christians and the LGBTQ Conversation: A Powerful Story of Redemption.” Rachel Gilson shares her story of finding faith at Yale even though she was a same sex attracted atheist and wanted nothing to do with God.

#7: “The Case for the Resurrection: A Conversation with Lee Strobel.” Author Lee Strobel shares the powerful historical evidence that convinced him to become a follower of Jesus.

#6: “The Jesus You May Not Have Known: A Conversation with Abdu Murray.” Abdu Murray shares about how to understand Jesus through the lens of the honor-shame culture of the East.

#5: “A Biblical Response to Social Justice: A Conversation with Thaddeus Williams.” Author Thaddeus Williams shares about his recent book, which offers a Christian view of social justice.

#4: “Has ‘Homosexual” Always Been in the Bible? An Interview with Preston Sprinkle.” Preston and I discuss the popular claim that the Bible should be read as supporting same-sex romantic relationships because the word “homosexual” is a bad translation.

#3: “Avoiding Big Mistakes in Defending the Bible: Interview with Dr. Peter Gurry.” Dr. Gurry and I discuss some of the bad ways that (well-meaning) apologists have defended the Bible, and how we can make a better case for its reliability.

#2: “Why Keep the Faith? Why Leave It? Jon Steingard and Sean McDowell Continue the Conversation.” Jon Steingard (former Hawk Nelson lead singer) and I discuss our different journeys growing up in the church and where we are today in our faith.

#1: “What the Bible Really Teaches about Demons.” In this video, I interview Dr. Michael Heiser about myths and incorrect teachings many Christians have come to believe about supernatural forces.

Sean McDowell, Ph.D. is a professor of Christian Apologetics at Biola University, a best-selling author, popular speaker, and part-time high school teacher. Follow him on Twitter: @sean_mcdowell, TikTok, Instagram, and his blog: