Sean is exactly the type of young leader we need: committed to truth, understands the stakes, and a terrific communicator. There is no better young apologist out there than Sean McDowell. Chuck Colson - Founder, Prison Fellowship and the Colson Center for Christian Worldview
Sean has a message every teacher, youth worker, and parent needs to hear. Lee Strobel - Author
Sean’s talk on truth is essential material for all Christians as we defend the truth of God’s Word in a relative culture. Dr. Stephen Wile - President, Worldserve Canada
Sean McDowell is an all star! He’s not just a speaker; he’s a great speaker as well as an equipper. With passion Sean can speak to young and old alike to put into practice the truths of Scripture. He speaks from experience as well as with a Scriptural worldview. I highly recommend him.Skip Heitzip - Senior Pastor, Calvary of Albuquerque
How often do you get emails from parents thanking you for your ministry? We get the most when Sean McDowell is in town. His teaching on truth, evolution and apologetics was incredible again this year. Highly recommended speaker to your students. We have him in every year to help students build up the foundation of their faith.Josh Griffin - High School Pastor, Saddleback Church
While churches all over the country are lowering the bar for young people, Sean McDowell is raising it. Sean is one of the finest, most capable Christians I know. Greg Koukl - President, Stand to Reason
Sean McDowell has a gift for taking tough concepts and bringing them down to earth in practical ways that make a difference. William Lane Craig, Ph.D. - Research Professor, Talbot Seminary
Sean McDowell is one of the most knowledgeable, gifted, and passionate young leaders I know on the topics of worldview analysis and biblical worldview development. Dr. Jerry Haddock - ACSI Southern California Director
More than ever in our emerging culture, do we need to be able to discern and understand the times through a biblical lens. Sean is someone who has the rare gift to understand today’s culture and to reach both the hearts and minds of today’s youth. Dan Kimball - Pastor of Vintage Faith Church
Sean McDowell is highly relational and he definitely makes theological truth practical. Jim Burns, Ph.D. - President, Homeword
There’s a new voice bringing clarity and direction in the 21st century. His name is Sean McDowell. Mike Licona, Ph.D.
I have never heard a more overwhelming and powerful message as I did tonight! Thank you, Sean!Pam - Mother of Two Kids
Thank you so much for speaking at camp this summer. What you taught me made a BIG impact on my life. I won’t forget you, your good advice, and your messages.Allie - High School Sophmore