Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. Apologetics and Worldview Studies, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (2014)

M.A. Philosophy, Talbot School of Theology (summa cum laude, 2003)

M.A. Theology, Talbot School of Theology (summa cum laude, 2003)

B.A. Biola University (summa cum laude, 1998, Communications Major)

ACSI Teaching Credential

Vanguard University Teaching Credential Classes (2004)


2014 to present: Biola University

  • Position: Associate Professor teaching classes on Cultural, Ethical, Theological, and Apologetics topics.

2003 to 2014: Capistrano Valley Christian Schools

  • Position: Bible Department Chair, Bible teacher for Old Testament Survey, Apologetics, Philosophy & Ethics, Theology, Comparative Religions, Advanced Bible

1998 to present: International Speaker

  • Spoken for organizations such as The Association of Schools International (ACSI), Youth Specialties, Cru, and Focus on the Family
  • Guest on The Hugh Hewitt Show, Point of View, Stand to Reason, The Michael Medved Show, and The Mike Gallagher Show.
  • Spoken for churches such as Saddleback Church, Prestonwood Church, Emmanuel Faith, Mariners Church, Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, and Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa.
  • Spoken at universities such as UC Berkeley, UC Irvine, Drake, Vanguard, Southern Evangelical Seminary, and the University of North Carolina Wilmington.

2011 to present: Adjunct Faculty at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

  • Taught three different classes: (1) Engaging the New Atheism; (2) A Historical Look at the Resurrection of Jesus; (3) Addressing Homosexuality: Clarity and Compassion.


Books (Author, Co-author, or Editor), including:

  • Chasing Love (Broadman Holman, 2020).
  • So The Next Generation Will Know, co-written with J. Warner Wallace (David C. Cook, 2019).
  • Sharing the Good News with Mormons: Practical Strategies for Getting the Conversation Started, co-edited with Eric Johnson (Harvest House, 2018).
  • The Apologetics Study Bible for Students, editor, expanded and revised (BH, 2017).
  • Evidence that Demands a Verdict: Revised and Expanded, with Josh McDowell (Thomas Nelson, 2017). *ECPA Book Award for "Bible Reference Works" 2018.
  • The Resurrection and You, with Josh McDowell (Baker, 2017).
  • The Beauty of Intolerance, with Josh McDowell (Barbour Publishing, 2016)
  • A New Kind of Apologist (Harvest House, 2016).
  • The Fate of the Apostles (United Kingdom, Routledge Press, 2015)
  • Same-Sex Marriage: A Thoughtful Approach to God’s Design for Marriage, co-written with John Stonestreet (Baker, 2014)
  • The Bible Handbook of Difficult Verses, co-written with Josh McDowell (Harvest House, 2013)
  • 77 FAQs About God and the Bible, co-written with Josh McDowell (Harvest House, 2012)
  • The GodQuest novel, co-written with Bob Hostetler (Outreach, 2011)
  • The GodQuest, co-written with Stan Jantz (Outreach, 2011)
  • Is God Just a Human Invention? And Seventeen Other Questions Raised by the New Atheists, co-written with Jonathan Morrow (Kregel, 2010)
  • The Unshakable Truth, co-written with Josh McDowell (Harvest House, 2010)
  • The Apologetics Study Bible for Students, General Editor (B&H Publishers, 2010)
  • More Than A Carpenter, update with co-author Josh McDowell (Tyndale, 2009)
  • Apologetics for a New Generation, General Editor (Harvest House, 2009)
  • Evidence for the Resurrection, co-written with Josh McDowell (Regal Publishing, 2009) *Retailer’s Choice Award Winner, 2009
  • Jesus: Dead or Alive: Evidence for the Resurrection Teen Edition, with Josh McDowell & Ariel Allison (Regal Publishing, 2009)
  • Jesus is Alive! Co-written with Josh McDowell (Regal Publishing, 2009) *ECPA Christian Book Award finalist 2010
  • Understanding Intelligent Design: Everything You Need to Know in Plain Language, with William A. Dembski (Harvest House, 2008)
  • Ethix: Being Bold in a Whatever World (B&H Publishing, 2006)
  • Josh McDowell’s Youth Ministry Handbook (Word, 2000)

Book Chapters or Articles

  • “The Deaths of the Apostles and Belief in Jesus’ Resurrection,” in Festschrift for Gary Habermas, ed. Michael R. Licona & David Beck (Lexham Press, 2020).
  • “A Philosophical Affirmation of Marriage from Natural Law,” in Marriage: Its Foundation, Theology, and Mission in a Changing World (Moody Academic, 2018).
  • D6 Curriculum: What Makes Christianity Unique and Why Is Jesus the Only Way, co-written with Gabriel Pagel (2018).
  • Why I Believe student curriculum, co-written with Timothy Fox (Fall, 2018).
  • “Evidence for Faith” curriculum with DYM University (March 2018)
  • “Five Apologetics Lessons from the Writings of Martin Luther King, Jr.” Christian Research Journal, Vol. 41, No. 1 (2018), p. 58-59.
  • “The Evidence Tactic: Giving Reasons for God,” in Sharing with Mormons, ed. Eric Johnson & Sean McDowell (Harvest House, 2018).
  • “Moral Relativism and Its Essential Flaw,” in Harvest Handbook on Apologetics, ed. Joseph M. Holden (Harvest, 2018), 373-376.
  • “How Culture Has Changed Since Evidence that Demands a Verdict,” Christian Research Journal (Fall, 2017).
  • “Porn and Parenting in the 21st Century,” Christian Counseling Today (CCT), Vol. 22, No. 1 (2017), 10-14.
  • Advocates: AWANA 32-lesson apologetics curriculum for students (July, 2017)
  • “The Fate of the Apostles” CSB Study Bible (Broadman Holman, Spring 2017).
  • "Where the Apostles Really Martyrs?" Christian Research Journal (Spring, 2016)
  • “Responding to Pro-Gay Talking Point,” Christian Research Journal (Fall, 2015).
  • Four lessons for D6 Curriculum: 2.0, including “Why Does God Allow Evil?” “Why Does God Allow Suffering?” “Is Hell Real (In Light of a Loving and Benevolent God)?” “Why Do Evil People Prosper?” (Fall 2015;
  • “Do Levitical Prohibitions on Homosexuality Apply Today?” Christian Research Journal, Vol 38, No. 2 (Fall, 2015), 44-49.
  • “Myths of Evolution,” Decision Magazine, March 2015, p. 14.
  • Teaching Apologetics to the Next Generation,” Christian Research Journal, Vol 38, No. 2 (Jan, 2015), 48-53.
  • “What Skeptics Wish Christians Knew,” Christian Research Journal (May/June, 2011).
  • Sean McDowell & Josh McDowell, Focus on the Family Thriving Magazine interview, (February 2011).
  • Sean McDowell & Josh McDowell, “Youth Culture in Transition,” YouthWorker Journal (May/June 2010), 22-25.
  • “How Ready Are You?” With All Your Mind (Spring, 2010), 1-3.
  • “2012: Is the World Coming to an End?” The Brink Magazine (Summer 2010), 63.
  • “Speaking Truth…In Love” The Brink Magazine (Spring 2010), 63.
  • “Could Jesus Have Survived the Cross?” The Brink Magazine (Winter 2009-2010), 63.
  • “Why Would A Loving God Command Genocide?” The Brink Magazine (Fall 2009), 64.
  • Book Review of Ask Me Anything 2, by J. Budziszewski, Christian Research Journal Volume 32, No. 1 (2009).
  • Book Review of Thank God for Evolution and Saving Darwin, Christian Research Journal (forthcoming in 2009)
  • “Objection Overruled: Answering the Top Ten Objections to Intelligent Design” with William A. Dembski, Christian Research Journal, Vol. 31, No. 5 (2008).
  • “The Doctrinal Difference” Christian Research Journal (March, 2008). This article was reprinted in What is Truth? The Best of the Christian Research Journal (Charlotte, NC: Christian Research Institute, 2009), 58-65.
  • “Apologetics for an Emerging Generation” in Passionate Conviction, edited by Paul Copan and William Lane Craig (Nashville, TN: B&H, 2007).
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  • “In Search of Certainty” AFA Journal (January, 2004), 20.
  • “Dating 101” Breakaway Magazine (March, 1998)